Monocacy Montessori Communities (MMCI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization recognized by the state of Maryland and the Frederick County Board of Education as the operator of two public schools, Carroll Creek Montessori and Monocacy Valley Montessori.

As a nonprofit, MMCI itself is a small organization comprised of dedicated parent and community volunteers. Together, these volunteers share MMCI’s monumental task of overseeing operations, fiscal management, and academic success at its two schools. Additionally, MMCI provides opportunities for student enrichment and staff development. MMCI is also actively involved in charter school advocacy and leadership at the state and local level.

Each family that attends our schools is a member of MMCI. Each year, our membership elects parents from both schools, as well as members of the greater Frederick community, to become part of the MMCI Board of Trustees.

The MMCI Board of Trustees is the official decision-making body of MMCI. The MMCI Board of Trustees meets monthly on the Last Wednesday of the month at 7pm. All meetings are open to the public.