When we choose charter schools, we’re choosing a unique educational experience for our children and we’re making a commitment to stay informed about issues affecting charter schools at the state and local level. Our voices open the door to:

  • Securing equitable funding for charter school students
  • Updating and advancing charter laws
  • Amplifying school or district-specific issues


  • Serve on the MMCI Advocacy Committee and help spread the word!
  • Make calls and write letters of support to State and Local lawmakers
  • Give testimony, provide public comment, and attend meetings.






As parents, guardians, and staff of charter school students, it is crucial that we speak out against the proposed funding formula changes that are being implemented next year by Frederick County Public Schools. It is important to understand the changes that are being proposed by FCPS and the reasons so that we can effectively advocate for charter schools in Frederick County. To learn more about charter school funding, please plan to attend the town hall at your school in May.

Speak up

The most important thing you can do right now is to contact the Board of Education and tell them that you are requesting a one year funding freeze for charter schools to allow FCPS and charter schools time to plan how to implement these funding formula changes in a way that has the least harmful impact on students

how to contact the board of education:

  • Send a prewritten letter to the Board of Education. Several sample letters can be downloaded below. Please be sure to customize your letter with the name of your school. If you know that your assigned home school is currently a school that is over capacity, Sample Letter 1 is specifically intended for you! We’ve also included a sample letter for staff, and several for students!

  • Draft your own letter to the Board of Education. Use the list of talking points below.

  • Sign up for public comment at an upcoming BOE meeting. Get info about how to sign up for comment here:

    The current schedule as we understand it is:

    • Wednesday, May 15: The Per Pupil (PPA) funding is not on the agenda for this meeting. The board will be discussing the budget and reviewing proposals from FCPS on how to balance the budget by cutting administrative expenses.
    • Wednesday, May 29: The agenda is typically posted 5-7 days in advance. At this time, we assume they will still be discussing the budget but we don’t have any information if they will specifically address the request from the charter schools.
    • Wednesday, June 12: Final FY2025 budget (school year 2024-2025) is expected to go to vote at this meeting.

    ANYONE can submit public comment. Please reach out to your friends, neighbors, and family. Anyone who lives in Frederick County can submit comment or letters. We want the BOE to know that there is strong community support for charter schools that goes far beyond just our current students and their families.

Charter School Funding Formula Advocacy Talking Points

  • 1

    Request for One-Year Freeze on Funding Changes: Urge the Board of Education to freeze charter school funding changes for one year to allow time for thoughtful planning and adjustments without disrupting the schools’ ability to provide quality education.

  • 2

    Impact on Charter Schools and Traditional Public Schools: Emphasize the adverse effects of the maximum permitted funding withhold on both charter and traditional public schools. The intent of the Maryland Blueprint was to improve funding to schools, not cut it.

  • 3

    Concerns Over Facilities Maintenance and Administrative Expenses: Charter schools face challenges due to FCPS’s plan to withhold funds for district-wide facility maintenance and administrative expenses, contradicting charter contracts and regulations.

  • 4

    Legal Precedent and Transportation Funding: Highlight the issue of FCPS applying the 25% withholding to transportation funding, contrary to a prior ruling by Maryland’s highest court that excluded transportation from charter school funding frameworks.

  • 5

    Impact on District-Assigned Schools: If charter schools close, students will return to their district-assigned schools. These schools are often already over capacity, which could exacerbate overcrowding and strain resources.

  • 6
    Examples of Immediate Damage: Share specific examples of the immediate damage the proposed funding plan could cause to charter schools, such as potential school closures, financial deficits, and bankruptcy.
  • 7

    Protection of Students’ Education and Future: Stress the importance of providing stable funding for charter schools to continue offering diverse educational opportunities and fulfilling the mission of providing the best education possible to students.

  • 8

    Support for Charter Schools and Community: Emphasize how charter schools strengthen the district by providing alternative pathways for students and staff, alleviating overcrowding in traditional schools, and fostering innovation and collaboration.

  • 9

    Request for Transparency and Collaboration: Ask the Board of Education to work transparently with charter operators and community stakeholders to find a compromise that supports the diverse needs of all students in Frederick County.

  • 10

    Reference Prince George’s County Hold Harmless: Mention how Prince George’s County granted its charter schools a one-year “hold harmless” period, which allowed them to refine their Blueprint implementation. Request FCPS to consider a similar approach.

Download sample letters to the BOE

You can copy and paste the text below into your document or click on the link at the bottom of each letter to download a copy in Microsoft Word. Don’t forget to update the highlighted sections with your own information!

Letters should be sent to: