Your Contributions are KEY

MMCI Schools provide a FREE Montessori education to Frederick County students while have access to less funding per student than other public schools. Recent proposed funding cuts mean that the contributions from our community are key to ensuring the continued success of our schools.

At MMCI, each student, parent, teacher, and family is part of a community dedicated to educational choice, to our children, and to the future of our schools. As charter schools, the state and County have allowed us to open public schools that follow a Montessori curriculum. In exchange for this flexibility in educational curriculum, our charter schools face many financial and logistical challenges that other Frederick County public schools do not have.


where do your donations to MMCI go?

Unlike traditional public schools, Maryland charter schools do not receive separate funding for facilities. This means that MVM must rely on operating funds or special fundraising to pay for capital improvements, repairs, mortgages, leases or other capital costs.

Simply put, our charter schools operate with less—less access to funding, less technical support, and no support of our facilities from the local Board of Education. The most pressing challenges facing our charter schools are:

  • Funding for teacher training and professional development .
  • Funding for furniture and materials of instruction.
  • Adequate facilities to accommodate school growth that meets our student’s needs.
  • Funding for maintenance and facility upgrades,
  • Funding for snow removal, landscaping, and equipment for exterior play areas.

Opening Doors to our Future

When we choose charter schools, we’re choosing a unique educational experience for our children and we’re making a commitment to stay informed and speak up about issues affecting charter schools at the state and local level. Our voices are key.

Get Involved

Charter school communities are cooperative and collaborative, with each member investing their time and sharing their talents to benefit the whole. Our participation unlocks the potential for our schools to grow and thrive!