MMCI is governed by the following list of Board of Trustees elected by its membership and includes parent leaders and Friends of Education from the community.

MMCI Board of Trustees (
Name Title End of Term
Tara Dunsmore President 6/30/2023
Elizabeth Landru Vice President for MVMPCS 6/30/2022
Christopher Chandler Vice President for CCMPCS 6/30/2022
Jen Kuhn Secretary 6/30/2023
Jeff Koehler Treasurer 6/30/2022

Assistant Treasurer

Elise Goodwin Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2021
Amy Sullivan Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2022
Nichole Dowlearn Parent Trustee, MVMPCS 12/31/2021
Jennifer Mayo Parent Trustee, CCMPCS 12/31/2021
Shemica Sheppard Parent Trustee, CCMPCS 12/31/2021
Molly Carlson Parent Trustee, CCMPCS 12/31/2022
Kathleen Lutrell Friend of Education 12/31/2021      
vacant Friend of Education 12/31/2020
Tori McCarthy MVMPCS GC Chair (Non-voting) 12/31/2022
Carrie Jean Rathmell CCMPCS GC Chair (Non-voting) 12/31/2021