MVM needs a better home!

Imagine our students learning in an appropriately sized classroom with enough space for Montessori materials to be displayed.

Envision an improved all-purpose room for students to use as they build long timelines; a kitchen for them to learn how to cook; a beautiful library where students can study.

Dream of a field large enough for students to run on during recess, play soccer, kickball, football and have a playground for them to share.

All of this and more can be made possible with your help! Our goal is to have 100% participation from our parent community.

Help us raise money to build your child’s future. Together we will raise money for the future facility needs of our school or for the lease/purchase of a new building. Read on to discover ways to help, where your donation is going and how your family’s name could be permanently commemorated in a new or improved home!

Our Story

In 2002, a dedicated group of parents and teachers established Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School (MVMPCS), the first charter school in the state of Maryland, serving approximately 300 students from ages 3 through the 8th grade, from all over Frederick County. Entrance to this public school is impartial and lottery-based, allowing students from all ethnicities and academic backgrounds to attend. MVMPCS instills a lifelong love of learning by embracing the project-based education of the Montessori Method.

The Montessori Method uses a hands-on approach allowing both the tactile and kinesthetic senses to be engaged in all facets of the curriculum. The individual mastery of each lesson engenders focus and self-fulfillment, and consequently a deep enjoyment of the learning process. The beneficial effects of the Montessori curriculum have been demonstrated in classrooms around the world for over 100 years. Recent studies show a greater movement within both public and private schools to utilize the concept of project-based learning, which is the foundation of the Montessori Method.

Our school currently rents a converted old church which offers limited space for lessons and self-learning activities. The ideal Montessori classroom should be a minimum of 900 square feet; our classrooms, however, only offer half of that size. Our highly-trained teachers do their best to work with what they have, but we know that our teachers and students deserve more. We have no room for a playground or a field; our students utilize our parking lot and limited space to creatively achieve their physical education goals.

Our generous community makes up for these limitations in two integral ways. First, our parents selflessly volunteer in every aspect of school functioning: they help in the classrooms, staff the library, run the car line, oversee the budget, paint the classrooms, organize school events, and much more. Secondly, our teachers and administrators routinely work over-time to help with fundraisers or serve on committees for which they are not compensated. Our students consistently observe and appreciate the dedication required by all to sustain this peaceful and inspirational learning environment.

Where are we today?

This holistic approach to learning has produced young adults who have advanced cognitive, social, and emotional skills beyond their years. Most families overwhelming stay at MVMPCS through the 8th grade. Furthermore, our middle school students have consistently out-performed the entire county on the national assessment (PARCC) and state tests. Alumni are overwhelmingly accepted into advance-track high school programs and prestigious 4-year colleges.

Our current facility has many limitations which inhibit learning; our space and facilities are inadequate. The building is rapidly aging and is not properly maintained by the landlord, which has caused classes to be cancelled at times. These are issues that can best be corrected with a modern student campus which creates a proper learning environment.

We clearly recognize that our learning community needs a new home. Our current lease ends in 2020. Please help us reach our ultimate abilities and potential:

Join our 2020 Vision to fund a bigger, better environment for our students’ continuing success!